Clarification regarding the management of Pluxee Refeição

We want to express our gratitude for the trust that clients place in Sodexo Benefits and Incentives, as we recognize that your satisfaction is vital to our existence.

Recently, we initiated the migration of the Sodexo Refeição Pass management, and during this process, we faced some technical challenges that caused disruptions with a negative impact on the experience of our clients, partners, and consumers. We deeply regret this situation.

We have closely monitored these issues and taken important measures to correct and improve our systems, in order to prevent similar situations from occurring in the future. Immediate solutions included:

  1. a) Strengthening technical and customer support teams;
  2. b) Accelerating corrective processes;
  3. c) Investing in automation of routines for immediate results.

These recent circumstances do not reflect our usual standards, as we remain committed to providing an excellent experience for our clients.

We ask for everyone's understanding during this challenging period and commit to keeping you informed about the progress of the situation and the normalization of the system.



Update (added in December 2023): Sodexo Benefits and Incentives is now Pluxee, the world leader in consumer benefits and incentives. The Sodexo Meal Pass card gives way to the Pluxee Meal card, a benchmark in food allowance management.